Me in a nutshell, really...

                                                                             Me in a nutshell, really...

I've compiled a list of some burning questions that I'm sure that you are all asking... So you're welcome in advance.

Question: What's your deal?

Answer: Such a great question. I'll let you know when I have it fully figured out, but for now, the particulars: I'm 34, have finally moved to Tacoma after years of longing to be closer to work and to start a life here, and live with my adorable husband David, and my 2 cute pups, Mira and Chloe. 

Question: What do you love right now?

Answer: I love staying up too late on these summer nights, my hammock, my new house and exploring my new city. I just made my first batch of cold brew last night and that's pretty cool, I like to think... Not obsessed yet, but loving it. 

Question: Can we be friends?

Answer: UM. YES. If you love laughing at insane hypotheticals, and don't judge me when it comes to cheese portions, you're in. But then again, this could be awkward because some of you may already be my friend -- which begs the question, why are you asking me again? Oh god, were we not friends anymore??

Question: What does Meatloaf mean when he says "I would do anything for love, but I won't do that?"

Answer: Oh come ON, world. Stop asking this! It's not a big mystery -- he plainly says it. He wouldn't cheat on her. He says it -- she says sooner or later he'll do it, and he says that he won't do that. You're welcome - "age old mystery" explained. Up next? Stonehenge. 


I just read one of the most beautiful sentences that struck a chord with me for some reason.... "We were among friends in that strange and beautiful land."